Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Did I have a million things to do today?

Yes I did.

Did I get them done?

No I didn't.

Actually, that's not fair - I did do a bunch of things; but the bunch leftover likes to haunt me.

By the way, the blogosphere? The ULTIMATE time eater for me... I promise myself I'm just going to check out this one blog... but then they have a link to another, or I remember that I haven't checked this one or that one lately.... and now it's two hours later, and here I still am. Wandering.


Anonymous said...

So true.

Case in point: I clicked on you from Bookseller Chick's blog. I'm a hopeless addict.

Never That Easy said...

Jason Evans -

That is definitely the nicest thing anybody's said to me in quite a while. THANKS SO MUCH! The pictures at your site, btw, are beautiful.