Monday, February 19, 2007

My Best Shot Monday

Again, through Picture This, here's "My Best Shot Monday:"

She picked 3, but I've got two for you today. Above is my best 'technical' shot this week: me figuring out how to use the macro/micro button on my digital camera. And below is my favorite little guy, showing his evil Jedi side...

He told me the other day that I could call him "Lord:" I was a bit confused, thinking he meant God type of Lord. "No... AuntieNTE, like 'Lord Vader,' you can just call me Lord, though." Ok then, Lord it is.


tracey said...

Classic! The book shot is super cool and I love the shot of "Lord". The way the camera flash lit the image is sooo cool!
: ) Tracey @ Picture This

Stacy said...

Very nice photos...I love your shot of "Lord". My goodness, the things they come up with!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I have to get in on this "best shot" thing..

Where do I find it?

Never That Easy said...

Thanks guys!

Brown Eyed Girl - Tracey (right there, above you a bit), is the one who started Best Shot Mondays, over at her Club Mom blog, Picture This :

It's a great blog, and you can get in on the action over there!