Friday, July 27, 2007

Glory, Hallelujah ...

Well, Blogger has finally seen the error of its ways and enabled me to blog again! I am not SPAM! Aren't you so happy for me?? I knew you would be.

Quick Update for all of you who contacted me and were wondering: My Grandmother's party was great - about 3/5ths of us made it, which made for a decent sized mob. But, Grandmother was excited, surprised by who managed to show up, and happy. Two weeks later, she's still happy, so that's what counts. Of course she and I are both still worn out (and she has a pretty good excuse, if you ask me), so the mandatory enforced blog vacation did come at a pretty good time for me.

Although you did miss the DRAMA of Sister K (youngest sister, soon to be Harvard student)'s break-up and re-up with her boyfriend of 8 months. And my patience when this DRAMA combined with Sister J's wedding DRAMA to prohibit me from reading the newest Harry Potter until Sunday.

Which I then read in six hours, and cried for probably a good third of that. How amazing was the Deathly Hollows, people? Did you read? Did you love it? Am I - in less than a week - much too late for the discussion? Well, that's too bad, because I have a lot to say! A spoiler filled post will soon be sure to follow!

Other than that, I am recovering and reading and attempting to clean my room (again!); and, in my foolish attempt to show the 'real me' (minus the name) here on the blog, I will now regale you with the tale of why I need a new bookcase:

So, I had, in my very small room, four bookcases: two tall, 5 shelf, regular bookcases, and two smaller two shelf (plus desk-level top) bookcases. And they are full. They are very full. They are so full that I also have three baskets full of ToBeRead books, a 24 gallon Rubbermaid bucket full of books ToBeTraded (on PaperBackSwap), an old box full of books ToBeReviewed, and various piles of other books, on my desktop,, inside my wardrobe, and under the television. In case you were wondering, I like to read.

One of the smaller bookcases was filled with children's books: Books I used to teach/tutor with, books for Youngest Nephew and now his baby sister, and books for me. Because children's books are for EVERYONE, people! (Ahem - Harry Potter is not the only acceptable children's book - surprise! Now stepping off soap-box...) And one day, when I wasn't feeling quite my best (shock!), I was doing more than I should (this many shocks in one post - how will you handle it?!) and I tried to stand up to get something from a pile on the desk, and leaned on the smaller bookcase, and fell into this bookcase. And broke the bookcase into a sad number of pieces. Seriously.

It was just one of those particle board bookcases they sell at Target, the ones you put together yourself? But WOW did it a)hurt, b)crumple like dust, c) make me feel both stupid and gi-nor-mously fat. Incredible amounts of fun, I tell ya.

So, now, all of those books, plus all the books I've gotten since sit in little piles on the floor, because I refuse to pay $110 for a bookcase and I also don't want to buy another Rubbermaid container, because where will I put it once I have my bookcase? But, since it's been a while (like... 5 months?) since I broke the bookcase, and the piles are now getting a bit out of hand (see photos, although, they're usually neater piles, I just wanted to be sure you could see some of the titles, because that's what I'd be looking at)... maybe I should just give in and buy a bucket?

Anyways... glad to be back. Will be posting more often, because I missed being able to talk to y'all here, while I was gone (although my commenting did improve a bit, I must say). Hope everybody is doing well! Love, NTE


JaniceNW said...


Welcome back.

Why don;t you have a link to my blog cuz I have one to yours on mine? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Well? I want an answer Missy!

I missed you like crazy. Really.


Gina said...

I'm so glad that the party went well, your Grandma deserved it!

And yes, one of my favorite classes in college was my Childrens Lit class.

Arizaphale said...

Sooooo? ARE you getting another bookshelf? Huh? Huh? Will watch with interest.