Friday, August 21, 2009

A little catching up...

Here is something people must forget about the whole concept of moving: once you are in the new place, you have to find a spot for all the things you've brought with you.

Or, if people don't, at least we did.

Right now, we are still living slightly bare bones - big furniture that the movers brought over (couches, beds, refrigerators), plus the personal care stuff you don't go anywhere without, some clothes, a couple of tables and bookcases and what not. But next week, we're getting our storage pods back, and now we have to figure out where the hell everything goes. Of course, I am "not supposed to worry about that", but since I am the only damn one who actually worries about things ahead of time, I have, of course, been worrying about that.

People who can get up and move things if the location of something doesn't suit them don't exactly think about what it means to not be able to do that. So that, if I have them set up my room (or the library, which I am still totally claiming as mostly mine) in one way and it doesn't work for me? Then I have to wait till everybody - or enough bodies, anyways - can make the time to come over here and help me again. And that is a party and a half.

So I've been skootching my bed (on wheels) from spot to spot, trying to decide where I get the least amount of sun glaring off the white house next door; trying to see how long the cords for my computer run, and how to make space for my printer; wondering where all of my crafty stuff is ever going to fit... all that kind of stuff. It's not high stress, but it takes a working brain, and some days I barely have that.

In other news, Harry Potter 7 is no longer playing at the only movie theater in our neck of the woods where I can watch movies, so I'll have to wait for Netflix for that one; my Wednesday appointment with Zach almost ended with me being hospitalized because of my know-nothing of a PCP, who told me that my intense ear pain was just some excess fluid in my ears - 3 weeks ago! - and was (shockingly) wrong. Instead I now have a double ear infection and a sinus infection and they've left me severely dehydrated and with quite the elevated numbers - Zach thinks it's probably not a good idea to see her anymore, which I knew way back last September, but Mass Health disagreed. Of course, now I've actually moved, so they can't give me crap about picking somebody closer, but still... grr I hate picking new doctors; And lastly, in happy news I haven't shared yet, my oldest sister -SisterS - is going to be a mama again (13 years after Oldest Nephew), and is due in the beginning of December: I am very excited, even if the little man will live too far away from us (They're up in Cow Hampshire, about 2 hours away). So, now I have to come up with a new name for Youngest Nephew, I guess... or something like that.

Anyways... that's what's happening in our little world, where it's been in the 90s all week (I got a blister on my arm after being outside with the kids - WITH SPF 85 on - for about 25 minutes. I was in the shade. Screw you, antibiotics and your "you may be more sensitive to the sun" warnings) and where the weather man is right this minute telling us about a tornado watch we are under until 9:00 and how Hurricane Bill might cause flooding this weekend.

Why did we decide to stay in Massachusetts again? Cuz it sure wasn't the weather. (Actually, I tend to like our weather, but this week has been ri-dic-u-lous.)

Oh, and I have a new banner: how do you like it?

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Sue Jackson said...

So much packed into this entry!

How cool that you have a library in the new house! I'm so jealous.

Sorry to hear you have to find a new doc - that does suck, but it's worth the effort to find a good one. Have you checked the Good Doctor List?

I'm totally with you on the abx and sun sensitivity - It's driving me crazy this summer!