Monday, July 12, 2010

Best shots - 2 for the price of 1

Here are two of my best shots from the last little while -

Here's Lil Girl, down at the beach. Since Auntie and sunlight are not friendly, we sat up under the bandstand and blew bubbles that floated down to the ocean. Then the kids collected shells and rocks, and we ate pizza and drank Shirley Temples. It was the very definition of a fine summer day.

And here's another recent favorite - (No Longer) Youngest Nephew, reading along with the Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets book on tape. I love this picture for so many reasons: The fact that he was voluntarily reading; The fact that he'd never used actual tapes before and I had to instruct him on how to flip it over and press play (even though it made me feel ancient); The fact that, since the spring, he's powered through three of the books, and he's as excited as I am about part one of The Deathly Hallows coming out in November. It's just an all around favorite.

So there are the two kids I'm spending most of my time with this summer; Don't forget to head over to Tracey's place to check out who she's spending her summer with, and the rest of the Best Shots.


amelia said...

wow, he looks completely absorbed! My kids are HP fans too- loving the Shirley Temples, the idea matches how cute and curly she is :)
Thanks for dropping in today, I love new connections!

Sue Jackson said...

Great pictures!! Perfect summer fun shots.

How wonderful that your nephew is so into Harry Potter! I just love to watch my boys get absorbed in books. If you're ever looking for new ideas to suggest to your nephew, check out my kids' book blog (it's mostly for middle-grade readers and older):

Glad to hear you had some good times this week!!


Cara said...

I love the processing of the one of your nephew reading. The light is great too!