Thursday, October 28, 2010

- A lot of these bullet points were supposed to get their own posts, but I am still at Grandmothers; sick as a dog; and my brain is full of a mushy type substance rather than brain cells. So, as opposed to leaving this un-updated and telling myself that I'll get around to it soon, I'm going to just stick to the bullet points. Enjoy!

- Yesterday morning, after suffering all night with a throat that got more and more sore as the hours passed, I popped out of bed because there was an alarm ringing somewhere in the house. I rolled over to the couch to ask (sleeping) Grandmother what the noise was, only to find that a) I had no voice and b) she didn't have her hearing aids in. Later, when U J got up, I found out that his hearing problems (he gets these weird ear things that sometimes make his hearing less than perfect) had gotten worse over night as well. Please tell me how you explain "a loud alarm! Was ringing! Is there a god damn bell or smoke detector or something????" to people when a)you can't imitate the noise and b) they can't hear it.

- There is no way to talk about the fact that you can't swallow without falling into an immediate "That's what she said" joke. I learned this after I got my tonsils out, but I think I must have forgotten. Now, every time I have to tell the doctor that I can't swallow, I have to bite my tongue.

- Grandmother is doing fine: Now that her only remaining therapist is the PT, whom she likes and who is trying to teach her to use the cane, she sees no real reason to continue using the walker. Even though, you know, she's supposed to be. Since her balance and strength are still off. She does her exercises, she practices with the cane, she says all the right things when the PT asks, but using the actual walker to get from, say the living room to the kitchen? Nah: it's "too short a trip" (even though it is the length of the house). The only time I can get her to agree to take it with her, at this point, is at night when she goes to bed: The PT calls those hours the "danger hours", the times when another fall is most likely to occur, and I think that's why she takes it upstairs with her.

- But still, she doesn't always use it... the den (where my sofabed of discomfort is located) is directly under her bedroom, and I can hear her moving around up there in the middle of the night, going to the bathroom without dragging her "friend" along for the ride.

- The irony in me - the girl who literally crawled from one place to another rather than 'give in' and use a wheelchair - trying to get someone else to use a mobility aid is definitely not lost on me. (Or my mom, who thinks it's pretty amusing, as she was the one having to convince me to use the chair all those years ago, even though I was literally falling down all. the. time.)

- I am very behind on my internet news, but can imagine that this isn't the only place you are going to read the following sentence: If the god damn politicians don't stop with the ridiculous campaign adds, I will not be responsible for my actions. Two additional notes - the amount of mental health ableism in those ads is unbelievable (In Massachusetts, there is one particular ad that flat out calls the opponent "insane" as well as "crazy" and a "kook.:) and, come October 2012, I am not going to watch any amount of unTivo-ed TV. I will not be able to watch what they're going to say about Obama.

- On the positive side, in the past month I've watched all three seasons of Veronica Mars, the (sadly singular) season of Firefly, and a good portion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer online. Of course, my home DVR is full up, but after I buzz through some Daily Shows and Colbert Reports, I should clear up a bunch of space.

- There's a million reasons why I'll be home/here this weekend (see above, see any link regarding health on this entire site, etc), but I still kind of wish I could go to the Rally this weekend. (And yes, I also have issues with the problematic name for the Rally: it was not necessary to call it the "Rally to Restore Sanity" - and therefore continue the stereotype that crazy = illogical and ridiculous and not what all of us "normal" people are like. I take issue with that and think it was a stupid move on their part, for sure.) I still wish I could go.

- Today, Lil Girl ran a race against two invisible girls, an invisible cat and an invisible dog, and she lost 3/5 times. If that isn't funny, I don't know what is.


Crazed Nitwit said...

I am completely with you on campaign ads. Let's kill all advertising agencies now!!!! We'll kiss the Tea Party and the Republicans later.


Life is full of irony. Get used to it my friend.

Gentle hugs and much love!!!!!!

Crazed Nitwit said...

Dang. I meant KILL the Tea Party and Republicans NOT kiss!!!!!!