Monday, February 07, 2011

I figured it was time

for an update to my family tree link, so that if people are interested, the information is centrally located and clear. So here's the deal

Me, NTE age 31, chronically ill auntie and educator, currently living with my parents and one of my sisters and her husband.

My Mom & Dad , ages undisclosed (because if they ever find this, my mom will want it that way), who own the house I'm living in now, and have been together almost 30 years now. My mom is also my bosom friend and my Personal Care Attendant, which makes our relationship a tad complicated. My dad, well, he's a hard worker, a fabulous cook, and a lot of other things both good and bad.

SisterS is going to be 35 when November rolls around, and she lives in Cow Hampshire, about 2 hours away. She's lucky enough to be the mama of my wonderful oldest and youngest nephews, Oldest Nephew who is 14 and actually enjoying his freshman year of high school, and BabyB who just turned one and has more energy than everybody else on this list combined.

Big/Only Brother will also be 35 this year, and he's the partner of Soon to be Sister-In-Law as well as the daddy to two of the most fantastic children ever: NephTwo (who's turning 11 this May), and LilGirl, who is 4.5, going on 14.

SisterJ (otherwise known as the Sister who reads this blog, because she managed to find it a few years ago and was nice enough to not sell me out) is turning 28 in two days (Happy birthday girl, you are still not 29!), is awesomely crafty and sweet enough to live upstairs with my excellent brother-in-law BrotherlyK (who hasn't had a name until now, because I always just say my awesome Brother in law).

SisterCh moved out this spring and into an apartment with her fiance, and by the end of this year I will probably have a new brother in law, so we'll call him BrotherlyS. SisterCh is lucky that I have not renamed her the Cat Lady, because in the 9 months since she's moved out, they've accumulated four cats and they all have outfits. Many, many outfits.

SisterK is our baby sister, but we probably can't call her that because she'll be graduating from Harvard this spring, and you can't really call college graduates baby, can you? She's majoring in poetry and English and some sort of humanities, and has no idea what comes next, but who does, really?

You should also know about Grandmother who is 93.5 and beyond awesome, although unfortunately ailing as of late; Nana my other grandmother, who passed away three years ago and still has a huge place in my heart and in our family; and My Daddy , who will be deceased 12 years this July, my father was in the Navy for most of my life, and (unfortunately) an alcoholic for a lot of that time too. (But that doesn't mean I don't miss him.)

That's the basic outline of who's who here in NTE land: I appreciate you taking the time to find out more about us!

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