Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rabbit's hole of procrastination

I'm not sure what most of you use to surf the internets, but I prefer Firefox.* In the latest three (or so) versions of Firefox, there's a new "Group your Tabs" option which is both the best thing ever (!1!11!) and possibly the key to my downfall. Here is what it (basically, only larger and with less concealed) looks like:

All of those little white squares, within the larger light blue squares, are websites that I am in the process of reading, or writing a comment on, or playing a game with, or having a discussion on: They are basically some of the little pieces of my brain that are floating around the internet in some capacity. The light blue squares and rectangles are the groups - I've got a crockpot recipe one going, all the crap I've got to pin (If you're not using Pinterest, you are missing out on one of the greatest procrastinatory tools of our times - sorry I can't share my link: I had to sign up with Facebook, which is obviously not anonymous), videos to watch when I don't also have the TV running, book reviews to read and books to add to my TBR pile, and various other things, including a large group of "read these more carefully" which includes about 2 months worth of Dear Sugar posts, and lord only knows what else (Quite possibly your posts, if we're being honest, since I have run out of space in my Google Reader). When the large squares get so full of little squares they don't fit anymore, you get that layers of paper look that's in that rectangle to the left of center there: that just means there are so many pages to read that I have filled up the group size. (Then I usually shrink it down so it doesn't look like so many, hence the "Books" group being so tiny.) So given that I have all these new ways to organize the things I'm reading/pinning/watching/playing, would you like to take a guess as to how much of the time I spend organizing rather than reading???

Ah, procrastinating my main way of procrastination: it's like Inception for procrastinators! And it's just asking for trouble, I tell you.

Anyways, that's what's new in my world ~ a way to spend more time on the computer and actually get less accomplished, a goal I would have said was near to impossible just a few short months ago! What's news with all of you? You may have said something about that in your latest blog posts, but since I'm still more than a thousand posts behind in my Google Reader, and Firefox has made it so nifty for me to move your post directly to the "Read this more carefully" portion of both my screen and my brain, I can't promise you that I've read it yet. I will get there though!

In the meantime, nice to see you, and I'm sorry if you still use IE: there's really no reason for that. (I may hold a grudge against certain IE related fails from way back when, including the time the program itself seemed to "melt" - actual computer person's terminology that I still have no idea what it means - and took a good three hours worth of schoolwork with it, but that's just my own prejudice.)

*If I were to put this in SAT terms, it would read My preference for Firefox is to my hatred of Internet Explorer as Eating Cookies:Eating Rotten, Raw Eggs. I have dabbled in Chrome a bit, but Firefox is my platform of choice (if only for awesome plug-in capabilities).

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