Monday, February 25, 2013

We all agree the Oscars were horrible, right?

Glad we're on the same page with that.  Seth McFarlane was his usual misogynistic, racist, homophobic self (even toned down a bit), who should've just sung and danced his way through, because he was much better at that then telling 'jokes.'  Because said jokes were not funny.  At all.  Funniest joke he told: Trying to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh, which was in the first five minutes of the show, so... good job!  And everybody else was at least half a degree off as well: presenters who should've been amusing were not, people were awkward and uncomfortable the whole evening.  It was just baaaaaad.

Bright spots, however included:

 Jennifer Lawrence, who is amazing, and awesome and HUMAN.  Plus, her little spill gave us this GIF of Hugh Jackman & Bradley Cooper being gentleman and making me feel all swoony:

As well as this GIF of feeling totally overwhelmed by Jack Nicholson (which, who wouldn't be?) 

Then there's the totally adorable Quvenzhane Wallis chit chatting with Halle Berry (like you do) and telling reporters to call her by her real name, not "little Q" or "Annie" (Although: hooray for a new production of Annie, and girl can sing, so bonus points!):

And yes, The Onion is abhorrent, but we're not talking about that right now. 

Aside from the awesome ladies, and the kick-ass divas singing their butts off, the show was sad (and even the sad parts were poorly done - people were missing from the memorials? What's up with that?) Instead of going on a real rant though, I think  I'm just going back up to that first GIF and being swoony again and again.  :)

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