Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh, so much, so manyies.

So what's going on in your brain these days, NTE?
Oh, so much, so manyies.

For example - I had a doctor's appointment yesterday (after taking a little doctor free time over the holidays, except for emergencies), and my new-ish primary care doctor - who I don't particularly like but originally signed up with because of his being in the same hospital as Zach, but is now pointless, because Zach moved to a new hospital - started things off on a lot of wrong feet. 

First, he and his nurse totally ignored my POTS diagnoses and commented positively on my low BP reading, even though my pulse was still sky-rocketing from the effort of getting to his office. Newsflash, doc: low blood pressure is not great for everybody, and it's particularly not great when your pulse is up near 145. 
Next, he started talking about somebody else's blood work, because he was looking at the wrong file on the computer. And his nurse tried to stick me with a needle AFTER she told me that she's been having a 'day when I drop everything'.  I'm sorry: no? No needles now, thank you, drops-things-a-lot.

 Then he started to extol the virtues of exercise - even 'any little bit I could manage' - while I was explaining how I didn't think my POTS issues were improving. Right, because all I need is yet another person telling me how I'm not trying hard enough. Particularly a person with a medical degree who should be able to read the report there on his computer (if he's even looking at the right one) from the cardiologist last month that warned that my heart issue were 'potentially life threatening if left unchecked,' and recommended 'one step above complete bed rest.' So, maybe starting a conversation about bench pressing (even if you are only talking about cans of soup or vegetables) is a tiny bit premature. Just saying.

Needless to say, it was quite frustrating to leave there with very little actual help, BUT - silver lining time - I have an appt with Zach next week that is sure to go better. (And by 'sure', I mean, please Dieties let it go better, because it will be my 1st appt at Zach's new hospital, and we all know that new people aren't always great.)

Continuing in the silver lining vein, however: My mom got a job! (Aside from her PCA-ing for me job, I mean) She completed a CNA course during the fall, and rocked the state licensing exam, and now she's got her first non-me job in I want to say 20 (?) years.  She'll be doing CNA/PCA stuff at a group home & in individual houses in a neighboring city ~ her orientation is Thursday, so she's not sure what her days/hours and stuff will be, and while that will be an interesting complication to have to work around re: doctor's appointments,  I am SUPER proud of her and I know she's going to be great.

Hopefully this will be more than just a money making opportunity for her (although, that's definitely not going to hurt) - I'm hoping it will help her feel more confident about herself and her skills, and really give her something that she feels proud about as well. These last couple of years/months have been difficult, and the next few months don't look to be conflict-lite either, so I'm glad she's got something to give her a much needed boost, right about now.

She also started telling people what's going on here - mostly the basics, that they're splitting up and we'll all be moving to separate places, at some point in the near future. There's a lot still that people don't know (mostly because even people who should care to ask have not thought to ask, and I know that that has hurt her as well), but I think just getting it out there to a few crucial people has been a relief for her. Some of the responses were unexpected - one sister started to ask if that meant that she would be dating, immediately squicked herself out and told her not to answer; UJ has offered for both of us to stay with him for as long as necessary, while my mom's sister told her that she was unable to loan her the money for a lawyer - even as she started talking about how they were going to remodel their house, so that stung more than a little bit. My brother, on the other hand, seems as clueless as usual: "I do not know what to do with that information" was his response. SMH - never change, Big/Only Brother.  But, aside from the kids, who don't need to know until it's actually starting to happen, I think most everybody knows, so some of the uncomfortable 'who knows/who doesn't' tension is at least drained from our (already preternaturally tense) conversations.

So those are two of my mind's trending topics. Others include: Sister who reads my blog, I love you, please call me;  What the hell do you mean it's already February this week;Oh My God, Gmail: Don't eat my e-mails and Seriously: I'm probably going to have to get rid of a lot of things if we're moving.

 Super fun!

What's on your mind, this gloomy Tuesday?

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