Saturday, November 08, 2014

Bullet points for the brainless

  • Maleficent was magnificent: I probably like the idea of the story better than the original Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie's cheekbones are RIDICULOUS in that film. 
  • I just want to nap. For like, ever, hours. I miss me a good nap, especially now. 
  • Somehow days are super long and time is super short right now. I despise this phenomena. 
  • I can't remember the last non-cancer related conversation I had with my sister-in-law, and that's making me physically ill, because it was probably our last actual conversation. (That doesn't involve me coaxing her into taking her meds or trying to swallow her food.)
  • I'm ashamed to admit that I watch her breathe, but it's almost more painful to realize how many people I have had to do that for. 
  • I didn't get to go home for a shower at all this week - things got hectic (but the slow, interminable kind of hectic that can only happen mid health-crises) and schedules didn't line up. But I'm getting one this week. Almost definitely. 
Now it's pill time again; I have to talk to the hospice nurse tomorrow about when it's better just to not try to wake her vs when I should be absolutely making her wake up to take things. (I feel like never, but I don't want her to wake up in pain because I let her sleep through a dose of her pain meds.) 

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