Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A semi-guilty pleasure

A semi-guilty pleasure

Esquire magazine bills itself as “Man at his best.” While I don’t know about that, I certainly think it’s an example of a magazine at its best (except for the cologne inserts… they make me sick, but this is not limited to Esquire... why oh why do they have to put these in there??? Sorry, wrong post - Continue). Particularly their annual Genius Issue, which I have just finished reading. I learned some things, remembered others, and was entertained, informed and impressed, which is a lot to ask from one magazine (even if it doesn't include me in its target demographic - tsk.

Here’s some of what I got out of it:

New Information:
- I am not as smart as I would like to think I am (as evidenced by the “Hardest Quiz Ever” on p174).
- Graffiti can be amazing (Banksy) p198
- Fonts are fun (Fonts) p 206
- Sometimes there’s nothing better than a lime green RV (RTN) p 216
- Apparently, the toilet is not as good as it should be (Lotus-Leaf Toilet) p221
- Sometimes, the answers are simple (LifeStraw) p 235

Things I just needed to be reminded of:
- pharmaceutical companies are crappier than I thought … but someone’s trying to fix that (Non-profit Pharmaceutical company?) p222
- Wikipedia rocks (Go learn something random)
- So does A.J. Jacobs (He's a Know It All)
- Science is too hard for me (as if my sub-par grades in those classes hadn’t reinforced it enough, further proof -> I barely understood the very accessible articles on RNA, schizophrenia, engineering viruses, genetic codes or nuclear energy).
- I miss Sports Night. (Come BACK!!!)
- Felicity Huffman always makes me laugh (which is why I will sometimes flip over to Desperate Housewives on commercials).Dana Whitaker p116

- Contrary to what you see on the news, or even how you can feel most days, there really are people who care about the world and are trying to make it better (Check out the entire issue… there’s too much for a single link.)

Now go buy your own, so you can be a Genius too. 

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