Monday, April 16, 2007


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Here's my Best Shot Monday pick... it's SisterJ, circa 1983. She always did love a mess.

How's your week going? It's still gray and gloomy aqui, and I'm having a bit of a flare (small, thank God), so I'm just keeping it very low key (Ha! as if I have a different speed.).


melody said...

LOL, does your sister know you posted this? Love it.

natalie said...

You're one evil sister! You'd better watch your back...payback is h#&*!!!

Too funny. I hope my brothers don't have any pictures like that of me!!

Never That Easy said...

Melody & Natalie -

My sister actually loves this picture of herself, so I don't think she'd mind. Of course, I run the blog (mostly) anonymously, so she won't exactly know. But she'd be cool with it if she did. (I think/hope!)
Thanks for stopping by!

Maya's Granny said...

I've seldom seen a baby who was happier to be messy than Sister J. What a grin!

Gina said...

Ha! That is a great photo!

tracey said...

What a classic! What is on her face, if I may ask?