Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hello, yes

Hello, Yes: I am still here. I just have very little that is in anyway interesting to talk about.

I could tell you that Youngest Niece is a bit wobbly still, but now races around the house. It was much easier when she liked to sit. But, no, she's got to check out everysingleroom in the house, in case something interesting is going on in there. Even though nothing ever is. But, she is adorable, and she sort-of said my name, so she can wander all she wants. Auntie NTE is a total pushover, in case you didn't guess.

Tomorrow, we have Youngest Niece and Youngest Nephew, who will finally be out of school. (Today's his last day.) Since they moved at the beginning of the school year, I have really, really missed seeing that little boy everyday. And now, he is not so little a boy: he will be a Second Grader in the fall - 2nd GRADE!!!

Anyways, that's about all I have to ramble on about. Am thinking about tomorrow's Thursday Theme post (It's GLEE, in case y'all want to play too...) & also thinking that, before I started hanging out at Picture This, I thought these kind of things were cheesy, but now I love them... I love the variety and quality of the pictures and the whole sharing-vibe thing that happens. I am kind of a dope.

Other than that, I decline to comment on how I'm feeling because I am so sick of talking about myself. This is probably a problem when you have a blog, yes? Particularly when you have a blog, but you rarely leave the house and so you are all you have to talk about?

As an aside, does anybody else see my taskbar/menu thingee up the top there? It seems to have disappeared. Probably back when I added that quote, and I am only now noticing (to be fair, I usually only see the blog in the create post form)... I'll try and fix it soon. I'm thinking about another skin/template, but I love this one, (Miss Zoot rocks!) so I'm still only thinking about it. I thought I'd try it myself, but HA! as far as HTML goes. HA, I say.

Wow, that was some random wandering.... hope your Wednesday is going along at the pace you prefer. Love, NTE

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