Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You know what I don't get...

when you go in for a specific test (for a specific reason), why is it never like it is on House, where they don't see what they're looking for, but they keep their eyes open for other things?

A few weeks ago I was undergoing some testing, and one of the things I had was an MRI. Now the MRI was originally meant to test pituitary function or somesuch thing like that, and it came back 'slightly abnormal/asymetrical, but no significant findings.' Whatever the hell that means. So, on Monday's appointment I went in with that understanding, and imagine my surprise when he starts talking about the fact that the veins in my left temporal lobe are 'highly enhanced' and that my cerebellum tonsils are enlarged. First of all, WTF? Because while I may have passed my intro to A & P in college, where we had to memorize the parts of the brain and all that, it was a while back, and I had to come home and make sure those things were located where I thought they were.

Secondly, there wasn't anybody who could've read this in the test the first time around? What about the MRI I had 4 years ago to test for MS? Could it have been on there, but, because they were looking for the lesions so common in MS, they didn't notice it? Could it have been there in the first MRI I had, back when I first got sick, 13 frickin years ago???

And thirdly, what the hell does it actually mean??? He explained that it might be causing seizures/mini-seizures, and it could definitely have something to do with my hypersensitivities (to light, smell, sound and PAIN), but he didn't really know why it would be like that, or if it were something new or something we'd missed before. It doesn't explain the fevers, he said, or the infections, or a ton of other stuff, but it certainly could be interferring with my daily life. My daily life? Ha! Yeah, I could see how mini-seizures could affect some of the things I've been dealing with - not sleeping, pain, falling down like I'm drunk.

It's so frustrating!!

But here's the thing that's most frustrating of all - I've got to go in for some more tests, and I'm afraid that this won't be it. That this will be just another wild goose chase the doctors have sent me on, and a swollen brain with enlarged veins (which sounds really impressive), will just wind up being one more thing that's wrong with me that they can't do anything for.


BetaCandy said...

I once had a general practitioner tell me I had a bunion, but I shouldn't get it corrected because some people were unhappy after their surgeries. I went to a podiatrist, and he said it would only get worse, and the sooner you get surgery, the better the results. I asked him why the other doctor had said otherwise.

He told me that he sees this with internists all the time, because it's rare for patients to win lawsuits that blame a doctor for failing to make a diagnosis. Conversely, wrongful diagnoses and mistakes in treating DO result in a lot of doctors losing suits. So they go with what's good for them - less legal risk - and don't diagnose things when they can plausibly avoid it and say "Whoops, didn't see that."

May not apply to your situation, but in any case, I sympathize with what you say here. It just sucks.

JaniceNW said...

There are no such things as cellebellum tonsils. Nope. Nada. Nil. Not there. And as a person who follows all the newest brain medical/psychological I must say the idea of tonsils in the brain cracked me up. Tonsils are, by nature, part of the lymphatic system. There are no lymphatic anythings in the brain.

Did your doctor propose that you anything about your enhanced veins? Or suggest any other screening tests? Why do you need this info if it cannot be utilized in any positive manner.

I think I would consider a second opinion from a neurologist. But that's just me.

Never That Easy said...

Janice, I love you! Yes, I know that they're not exactly tonsils. He was just trying to explain the location and compared the whole thing to my tonsils. I did a horrible job of explaining that here, obviously. (I was mad. Oh well).

Betacandy - I certainly have seen a lot of these type of situations, and it really does suck that this kind of thing happens. Thanks for stopping by!

Maya's Granny said...

Deardle Heart,
I'm so sorry that this stuff keeps happening and being so frustrating for you. I'm hoping, as I'm certain you are as well, that one day something will show up in a test that they can do something about and that it makes a major difference.