Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit of linkage

I am attempting to catch up with... well, everything. So here's some links I've come across today that I think you should check out.

A powerful essay about LM Montgomery's depression, written by her granddaughter. Click Here Particularly poignant:

The recent Globe and Mail series certainly sheds an encouraging light on the notion of the “perfect” family, acknowledging that it may include the reality of depression and other mental illness, and suggests that the shame surrounding these subjects may be lifting.

I'll never know if my grandmother might have been inclined to seek help if she had lived in a less judgmental era or if she had had access to supportive therapy or the medications available today. I would like to think so.

I long to tell her how I wish her family could have known how to help her and how proud we all are of her accomplishments.

A very scary ad from Found in Mom's Basement, a vintage advertising blog.

This post over at Joy Unexpected, where Y writes:

What I AM saying is that I was horribly wrong to buy into the lie that I'm not deserving of love and happiness because I'm fat.

Change that to "fat and sick." Or keep it as fat, or change it to just "sick," or any combination of the two, and you'll see some of my truth, spoken by someone else. So I guess that makes it our truth, which is one of the things I love most about blogs. Because seeing your truth through somebody else's eyes makes it a little bit easier to deal with, if you ask me.

Just some random stuff I wanted to pass along.

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