Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blender brain! Update!

Last week was a strange week - Lil Girl stayed home sick (with a vicious cough), so as not to infect her infectious auntie; Dad stayed home sick, here, with pink eye or something, and wandered around the house a lot saying random things and aggravating me (perhaps unreasonably, but also: don't ask me the same question 17 times and expect me to be cheerful eversingletime!); and I couldn't see well for a large portion of the week, so reading and typing and watching tv and all those good distractable things that I count on were off the table, and my pain level was pretty high.

My pain seems to have platoughed, my eye is so much better now, and I even got to leave the house yesterday, which was a nice change of pace, as was a mostly cheerful SisterJ, who I miss when she's not here.

All of that backstory was supposed to lead into a meaningful blog post, but somewhere around the time that I started talking about my eye, I totally forgot what the point of the post was going to be.

So, let's just call it an update and call it a day, shall we?

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Sue Jackson said...

Sounds like a rough week. I'm glad to hear your eye is finally getting better and you were able to leave the house!

Here's to a new week!