Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's been about a week and a half,

since I've been here, and I apologize for that.

But I think I'm going to skip the long explanations that explain nothing, really, and just say: my brain has been tired, and I have not felt like ordering it to work. Which is fine, really, except that all the posts I wrote in my tired head during the past week are now gone into the ether, and I have to come up with something to write because we all know the longer I go without posting, the harder it gets to post.

So, onto today's post:

Did you know that my most popular post, the post that gets the most comments and hits (at least one a day, I am not kidding you) is this one? 42 comments, as of today. Apparently, something I thought only I was careless enough to do (accidentally getting gel deodorant squirted into my eye) is pretty damn common. The number of people who find me after Googling "got deodorant in my eye" is very high... that search is, by far, my biggest referral.

I'm not entirely sure I'm happy to be known on the Internet as the girl who got deodorant in her eye, but I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I'm also happy to let people know that, while I have no medical training, and cannot guarantee anything, all of the people who searched and found me after getting deodorant in their eyes, at the very least, saw well enough to type. So, while it stings worse than shampoo or most other things you may have accidentally got in your eyeball (I will refrain from judgement here), it will probably get better relatively quickly. If I remember correctly, my eye was fine after a few hours, and only red for a day or so.

Not like this week, in which I did absolutely nothing whatsoever to my damn eye, and haven't been able to see clearly for three days. I also can't keep the eye open any length of time and have taken to wearing my sunglasses inside the house. Although today, I just shut off all sources of light - I am typing this on it's darkest setting, and occasionally peeking behind a piece of paper to check for misspellings - and confined myself to a dark room. Where I couldn't read or write or watch TV or any of the things I usually do to distract myself from my normal pain, so guess what kind of a week I have been having? (*And, oh, how this is its own post, readers: distraction as pain management technique, and how the loss of those distractions is like flaying yourself raw and then swimming in the ocean.)

I honestly have no idea what got in there, because it has felt like a little crumb of something is just under my eyelid, but I don't see anything. I thought about going to the doctor, but what do I say: "My eye hurts, but I don't know why?" I am giving it until tomorrow to straighten up, though... if it ain't better/improving by then, screw it, I'm calling. And then, of course, my eye got all red and weepy (sorry - disgusting, I know), and for whatever reason when my eye gets watery, my nose starts to run, and ALSO, the more I blow my nose, the more my face gets all broken out, so now my nose and one eye are all red, and I've got little cuts all over the place, so basically I look like I've been fighting with a very angry cat that I am also allergic to, or something. Tres attractive, I am sure.

On the plus side, I can't look in the mirror, because it hurts to open my eye, so there's that.

I think it was at it's worst this morning, though, because it hurt so bad I actually did something about it. I sent my dad to the store for some Visine (even though it gives me a rash on my skin, I would deal with that for an eye that functions), and he brought home an eye wash/eye cup thing instead. Have you ever had to do this? The directions are simple and straightforward - fill cup with solution, put cup on eye, tilt head back, OPEN EYE AND ROLL IT AROUND with the solution pouring right into it, empty cup, pat eye dry.

Simple, right?

Except that you are talking to the only person in the history of my optometrist to learn how to put contact lenses on by finally being allowed to do it without looking. I was in my 20s, and it took 3 lessons. Because the guy who was giving the lessons kept saying, "You have to look at your finger when you're putting it in your eye!" and "I have taught 4 year olds how to do this, now look at your finger!" That approach did not work for me, so finally I said to him, "How about if we try it this way?" and I looked in the opposite direction and snuck it in my eye while I wasn't looking and then blinked a few times: voila! Mission accomplished. (Off Topic - this is also the way I taught myself how to swallow pills: put food/drink in your mouth first, then slip the pill in, and act like it isn't there and just swallow your food/drink. Easy peasy.)

So the whole, open your eye and swish the water around in it, thing? Not my cup of tea. Basically I wound up having to tip my head back, and then blink really fast for as long as I could. What? It seems to have helped, so why knock it?

My eye is still puffy and red and hurting, but it's getting better, I think.

This concludes my second - and hopefully last post about stuff getting in my eye (and if I ever figure out what it was this time, trust me that I will avoid that substance like the eye plague it truly is). Enjoy the rest of your day, and I'll try and come up with something less gross for tomorrow's post.


Crazed Mom said...

Being a nasty evil nurse I'd sit on you to do the eye wash that yes I have done to one of my boys when they were little. I had to sit on them as well.

As for pain my head is toying with a migraine from squinting in the sun as we walked(yes I walked)the dog. It's been raining non-stop except for that 20 minutes of brilliant and piercing sun. My right eye has days where it overwaters all day, it's annoying but not painful.

My admiration for you grows every single time I am in pain because I know yours is so much worse.

I empathize with the NO LIGHTS sensitivity. I hate when that happens!


Sue Jackson said...

That is SO funny about your deoderant in the eye post getting so many visitors and comments. The internet is a strange and wonderful thing!

I;m so sorry for your eye troubles. I've had something sort of similar this week. It happens to me 2-3 times a year. One of my eyes got all watery and weepy (and like you said, then my nose runs, too) and so irritated I couldn't wear my contacts (I really hate wearing glasses). As usual, it lasted for about a week, then went away. No idea what it is or why it happens.

And my son - who also has CFS - gets bad light sensitivity sometimes. He's been to the ophthalmologist many times, and they say there's nothing wrong, but it drives him crazy. I've read it's pretty common in CFS.

Finally, a bit of advice: don't mess around with eye problems - go see a doctor or ophthalmologist. Over Christmas, my husband started having weird eye symptoms and it turned out to be very serious (a tear in his retina) that required immediate surgery. The eye surgeon said it was a good thing he found a doctor quickly. Not to scare you or anything - and your symptoms don't sound like his - but you just don't want to take risks with your vision.

Good luck - hope it's better soon!!!