Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I did mention, right,

that I hate doctors?

So, you may remember that I was all on board train "face surgery" as much as any person could be anyways, when last we discussed it. Well, today I had some (unrelated) blood tests, and my liver came back SNAFU. My liver is like that - sometimes, it is fine and dandy, other times it grows things named after cartoon characters from the 1980s (Looking back, I realize that I was not actually writing this blog way back when I developed my hemangioma, which is pronounced exactly as it is spelled: He-Man-Ge-Oma, but that's what I am referring to). It has been labeled fatty (which hurt both our feelings), been ruled out as a donor organ, put on (and taken off of) various medications, and sends sudden, terrifyingly high bad cholesterol numbers to scare lab techs into making the doctor call me back on the very same day. Of course, the fact that those cholesterol numbers also drop dramatically every other time doesn't seem to bother them, but for right now, I'm supposed to be impressed that they are "startlingly high" for someone so young. (I'm not impressed, or bothered, and will just wait till next time before I panic, thank you very much.)

But aside from the cholesterol, my liver enzymes are elevated, which means ... what? Something. Maybe. Nothing? They are Not Sure. They want More Tests. They are Reviewing My Records. - Or, they will be doing all of that, they promise, when they return to the office in a Week and a Half. :sigh:

Which means the sinus surgery may have to be postponed, which I am not pleased about because, well, now that I am on board the train, I would like it to leave as soon as possible, so that I can get off of it as soon as possible. I do not like waiting. I do not like new problems to pop-up when I do not have the energy to deal with them. I do not need some new Skeletor to face, and I'd rather not have to deal with a recurrence of his arch-enemy either (Because, although all that that required was monitoring, liver ultrasounds - any ultrasounds - and me of the FM pain/tender body parts, do not get along well).

I'm just having the kind of the week where things seem to be crumbling/sucking no matter what I do... things that start off with the best of intentions are suddenly horrible and poisonous, and I have no idea where they went wrong or how to fix them.

So when the doctor - my primary care, whom I do not have much faith in at all - called and said "This is a problem. But I'm not going to be here to help you figure it out for two weeks", I wanted to dissolve into a puddle. I mean, I know, in my head, that there are things I can do - like calling the surgeon or Zack in that time, just so I know what their take on the whole thing is - but right now, all I want is for all the complications to Go Away.

Or, maybe I could go away: Where is Swift Wind when you need herhim?
(Did you know he was a he? I didn't.)

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Crazed Mom said...

Just cuz your LFTs are a bit high could mean NADA. They usually want the test repeated before the doctor goes all whacko and orders 17 thousand tests that make no sense. Because you are unable to walk around let alone do physical exercise your liver might have just been lazy that day. Drinking lots of water could never hurt and then you might avoid the "Oh hey your kidneys are all f'ed up too!" predicament.

I'm glad you still have a sense of humor about it, caustic though it may be. (join my club sister)

I doubt there is any way they'd take you off all meds and meds naturally mess with the liver because let's face it, the liver is the boss of all medication breakdown and send to the right place commands. With a few exceptions where the kidneys are in charge.

I hope your week has gotten better cuz mine has sucked.