Monday, June 07, 2010

Took me a while

but I'm finally posting to let you all know that the surgery went well, and I am recuperating. It is a process, which I hate (I'm much more in the mood for a recovery of the 'flip a switch' variety), but since I'm finally seeing/feeling signs of progress, I suppose it'll do.

I will say that it was a much more painful prospect than I had prepared myself for, the probable cause of which includes me getting an infection, and thrush, and being hideously nauseous to the point of dry heaves, and not realizing that this was not just a normal post-op situation, and trying to 'push through' it like a big dope. But, now it is starting to get better, and today I ate noodles (my first meal other than mashed potatoes, slush, jello or soup broth), so I know it must be improving.

The pain meds are killer, in that I find myself constantly loopy: Today is my first day back on the computer, and I have spent an hour and a half writing the three paragraphs you see here in the hopes that they will be logical and legible. I do not like this sort of high life, and am trying to cut back on the pain meds as much as possible, so that I can function.

Worst of all, probably, is the fatigue. This is not unexpected either, since the CFIDS makes exhaustion my constant companion, but I always forget how much energy recovering from illness/stress/operations takes, and then am shocked when I can barely life my head from the pillow sometimes. We had two weeks without Lil Girl, and I think my incapacity has shocked her too, now, which I hate. I don't like for people to see how weak I can get, and for her to see it (because I see that it worries her) makes me want to cry.

Or punch things. If I had any energy to punch things, but I can't cry because Did you know? That crying? After sinus surgery? Will HURT??? Well it will: Trust me.

So there's the update: Am doing better. Would not make this decision again if I had it to do over (but should probably reserve judgement until I see if it actually helps things). Need a large, large nap. And less woogy drugs. Miss you all, and will try to check in again really soon.

Love, NTE


Cyan said...

I'm glad to hear your surgery went well. I hope this finds you feeling the best you can. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia four years ago, and I have been struggling daily just to get out of bed and go about my day. The treatments in the book "Beat Sugar Addiction Now!" by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum ( have made a huge difference in my life. I am not cured, but my symptoms are much less and I have a lot less aching and less pain..........I feel that the SHINE protocol which is described in detail here has made such a huge improvement in my quality of life. I was surprised to see thatt he author had suffered with this same condition and had used the treatments he describes here to treat himself and to get himself well enough to complete medical school and live a good life. Knowing that he has been where I have been makes all the difference as far as I am concerned. Dr. T is one of the foremost experts on Fibromyalgia and CFS in the country - be sure to follow him on Twitter:

Laurie said...

Hey NTE,

Happy to hear from you! Hope the recovery continues to go in the right directions and with no more complications, and that you see ultimate improvement from the surgery. Been thinking of you....