Thursday, June 02, 2011


I'm loathe to say that I am back, for fear that some other part of my (brand! new!) laptop will decide to commit Hari kari, but I did just want to check in. The tornado that hit Massachusetts yesterday was luckily not in our area - although we did have some pretty intense thunderstorms, which, under any other circumstances I would have called awesome, but, considering, have decided to stick with intense. Tornadoes are atypical in our neck of the woods though, so it's pretty frightening to think of how close they were and how they just decimated the entire area. I watched about .5 seconds of the news coverage today, but when they reported that a mother had died while protecting her toddler, I lost it and had to turn it off. It certainly made all my computer related nonsense seem trivial, though.

So no complaints here, just gratitude that everybody's doing ok, and that I get to catch up with all of my Google Reader friends very soon.

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