Friday, July 22, 2011

It's one of those days where everybody else is at Comic Con and you barely survived your midnight showing of the Deathly Hallows. (I don't think there is a sentence on earth that could proclaim to world at large "I am a geek" as well as that one.) No really: I know not everyone is at Comic Con (I even know that some of you have no idea what the hell Comic Con is or why you would care about it), but if you looked at my Google Reader this week, you'd get the impression that most of the world's population is actually there. I didn't even know about Cons until the internet (I didn't even really know there were groups of geeks anywhere), so I'm glad for the updates, and only a tiny bit jealous.

My trip to the midnight showing of HP & DH Pt2 did not exactly go as planned - There was much less community spirit than I was expecting, because I wound up watching the show with about 8 other people, as opposed to the packed theater we had been staking our seats out in. Due to a malfunctioning reel or some such BS, the show I was at couldn't start. As in, we saw the previews twice, the 'here are the exits' message three times, and were treated to the lights dimming and rising - as well as the curtain opening and closing - no less than four times, before someone came out and told us that there was an 'issue'. Really? We couldn't tell. Their 3-D version wasn't malfunctioning, though, so we could either stay where we had been staking out seats for an hour and a half and watch in 3-D or go to one of the other theaters. As we have previously discussed, 3-D is NOT FOR ME, so SisterK and I hightailed it to one of the other theaters, where the movie had already started! I can't even...

(They were still talking to Griphook, so I don't imagine we missed more than 3-7 minutes, but still)

And then we watched the movie which was beyond amazing, and even though I am an avid book of the fans and knew there were a few inconsistencies (which parts of the internet are very up in arms about), I enjoyed it so much, and it hit so many of the high points that I couldn't help but love it. Which is basically my reaction to the series as a whole, too, so points for consistency! I can't say enough about the actors (because there could be no other Snape, at this point), and most of my favorite/least favorite parts were in there, and I even liked the Epilogue (which I think puts me in the minority, but who cares?) There were some tears, but I expected those. I wasn't a huge fan of the final Voldy & Harry fight, because I can't watch zoom-y type things, but SisterK said some of the faces during that were so horrible as to incite nightmares, so I guess I didn't miss out on much. Love, love, loved it.

They also gave us free passes to go to a different show, whenever, because of the inconvenience. Since the chairs there are (like regular movie theater chairs) Chairs of Fibro Doom, I will be passing my tickets on to someone else, but I appreciated them owning up to their mistakes. Now if they'd just install couches or something...

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Sue Jackson said...

So sorry to hear you ran into problems with the HP movie, but glad to hear it worked out in the end. I agree with you - I loved all the movies. Some minor details are bound to be changed, it's just the difference between reading a story and viewing a movie. And I loved the epilogue!!

Glad you were able to do this with your family. rest well!