Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where have I been?

I see that it's been nearly a month between postings, and I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you... nearly everyday I have a "You should say something to the nice blog people" moment, but it isn't accompanied by the energy and effort that's been required. There's a lot of reasons for that - health issues (surprised?), other people's health issues, summer with the kids, life in general. And there was SisterCh's wedding, which was nearly two weeks ago, and I am still recovering from it.

The wedding itself - the whole getting married part - was wonderful and sweet and short and simple, and I couldn't be happier for my sister and new brother in law.

Everything else? The planning and the crafting and the being the peacekeeper and the living in a family of 'always lates'? Was capital K Krazy. It was like drowning in a pool of anxiety for days at a time, and not knowing how to come up for air... as if I had dove into the deep end of an actual pool and someone through the plastic pool cover on while I was floating underwater: It felt like I spent a lot of time frantically clawing at it, digging for a way to surface. I don't exactly know why it was like that - some of it was me, some of it was other people, some of it was those stupid health issues I was talking about, and some of it just falls into the 'holy shit: this is my life?' category - but it was heavy, and - as much as I love my sisters & love to be able to help them out - I am so glad that nobody else is engaged right now. We'll talk about it more later, for sure, since I've been dissecting it in my head ever since, and trying to learn from my mistakes, but I'm too exhausted to go into it in detail tonight.

I am once again in recuperation mode, but there's a lot of unavoidable stresses that are making that pretty difficult. I'm getting there, though, slowly but surely. In the meantime, how about a picture of the happy couple, just so neither of us leaves with the impression that it was a completely horrible experience? (It really wasn't: I need to do a better job explaining soon, so it doesn't seem like it. Promise it won't be a month before I come back!)

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Sue Jackson said...

Big family events can be exhausting!! So glad, though, that you were able to attend and share in your sister's joy. Hope you are recovering well -