Monday, September 12, 2011

And then I fell over... backwards

If only that title was a movie reference or something. Nope: I literally fell over backwards. About two weeks ago, we took the kids to a local low-key amusement park, I got out of the car and into my chair, put my front two wheels up on the curb, thinking that Mum was right behind me, lifting up the back two wheels - like we do a million times, all the time - but she had turned back to the car instead, and I somehow lost my balance, tipped back, slid up out of the chair a bit & my head and upper back met the concrete in an intense and immediate way. Besides being shocking - What the what??? - and completely embarrassing (although some very nice older gentlemen came rushing to help and made lots of jokes about revoking my license and ha ha, not uncomfortable at all!!!), it was.. majorly painful. "Majorly painful" is, in fact, the most definitive of understatements, but since I can't think of an all encompassing word for how bad I have felt since then, it will have to do.

After a few hours of trying to be in total denial ("I'm fine; let's go play skee ball!!) and downing both migraine & pain meds, I realized that I was in fact doing the opposite of fine, and I got myself all checked out at the ER. Where a snippy nurse tried to insist on getting my weight (No: I do not stand up well on good days, today is a very bad day, screw off, sir and take your "but you look fat to me, so I have to know the number" attitude with you); I got to spend a few hours looking at screwed up wall murals and trying to figure out if if it was me or them that was off (It was them); and a very nice doctor ran me through the CAT scan, pronounced me mildly concussed and apologized for the fact that fibro + fall = major suck, and sent me home.

Where fibro + fall has, in fact, equaled complete and total suckage. Although I was kind of shockingly unbruised, the part of my back that hit the ground has been untouchable. As in, I've been wearing button down shirts backwards and unbuttoned for two weeks, keeping my door closed so I can be a lay around Lady Godiva, because holy hell clothing is not allowed to touch that part of me. I've attempted attacking with every painkiller in my arsenal, but it's not doing much. That's not true: it's helping more now, but those first few days, it was like I was taking baby aspirin, or sugar pills, or swallowing pieces of paper, for all the good it did. I never even felt them. My back/neck have always been my most sensitive spots, but there have only been two or three times the pain has been this bad - mostly when I've been sick or flaring in other ways - and never due to something that I had done to myself. It's not exaggerating in anyway to say that I am not sure how I got through those days. Those first three days, there wasn't a person here - it was all just a big pulsing block of pain - I don't even know.

And then, when the pain had dialed back a bit just enough that I could put my eyes on a piece of paper and focus on them, I took myself as far away as I could go, and wandered through all 40 or so (the ones I have here) of J. D. Robb's In Death series. Started back at the beginning of 2058 with Lt. Eve Dallas and all her cohort, and tried to live with them through the next three years or so of her life, so I wouldn't have to be in mine. I know I talk about reading a lot, and how important it is, and it gets to be all blah blah blah books, but if I didn't have a place to escape to, if my mind didn't have a chance to just shut down and follow Dallas and Peabody and all the rest through their cases and humor and horrors and becoming a family, if I couldn't escape the pain by going there, or to Hogwarts, or to Avonlea, or Concord during the Civil War - I don't think I'd still be around to live through things. And that's just plain truth.
(Also honest truth? If you haven't read the In Deaths, you are majorly missing out ~ can not recommend them enough!)

I'm doing better now, tiny bits at a time - still avoiding shirts at all instances (which is not me-like at all, I must confess, and feels incredibly odd) and popping whatever pills are left in my stock, but bit by bit, getting better. It's still complicated since I can't lay on my back, and I can't normally sit up for too long anyways, and either side has time limits on how long I can lean on them, so it's complicated, but it's improving. Talked to a couple of people on the phone, so they would know I wasn't dead. Checking back in here, and in other online spaces, to see what I've missed. Reading voraciously through my poor neglected Google Reader. Actually turned the TV on this morning - before the noise and mess and lights and all that were too much, too confusing - to find a 98% filled DVR: unacceptable with new seasons starting, missy. So I'm battling back, and I just wanted to say hey!

And to remind everybody about the Disability Blog Carnival, hosted here, by moi, in just a few weeks. Keep me busy people ~ Help me catch up on some posts that I've missed!

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