Sunday, January 15, 2012


I suppose, after that title, I don't have to do a lot of explaining as to where I've been.  Without going into too much detail (you're welcome), I had a pretty rough week, and am still on the mend here, but finally feeling semi-human again.  Now I just need Mum to recover from her bug ~ which seems to include a hacking cough from which I was thankfully spared - and then I'll be able to take a real shower again, and up hopefully up that to actual human being.  Just exhausted, mostly, still.  That's going to linger for a bit, I know, which is frustrating. 

I will mention, however, that the flu bug most likely came courtesy of my grandmother's visiting nurse, who TOLD US, the day my grandmother and uncle both came down with it, that she probably brought it in with her the previous day, as "all her patients seemed to be getting it."  Hmm... Maybe - and this is just a thought - you should check your hygiene practices if you're going around spreading the flu to your (mostly elderly & infirm) patients?  I think you might be missing a step somewhere.  Now, if I could just get UJ to hand them all the Purell bottle when the walk in the door.  (Although 3 out of 4 of them always smell like it when they come in, and usually do it again as soon as they take off their coats.  But it's that fourth one that sneaks up on you, I guess.)  Both Grandmother and UJ had it, then I brought it home with me, and poor Mum picked it up last.  Everybody is doing much better, but I'm going to make Mum call the doc tomorrow about that cough (with her COPD, it can get complicated pretty fast). 

So flu.  Which leaves me with no interesting stories, no internet wanderings to report, no nothing.  But I figured I'd check in and tell y'all that, even though this winter has been unseasonably warm, it is still finding ways to kick my ass.  Now, let's have some good stuff happen, so I have things to talk about, shall we?

Am heading to my (overburdened and I know it has erased all the oldest thousands of posts) Google Reader next, to see how all of you are doing out there.  Hope none of it includes the word flu.

On the plus side, though, I did re-watch all of Firefly yesterday (I still haven't written the post about how traumatizing it was when I recently lent the DVDs to my sister and she gave them back because it was - gulp - 'boring and talky'  I may never recover enough to lend them out again); caught a marathon of Quantum Leap (no lie, I definitely had a crush on Dr. Sam Beckett when I was younger.  And yet I didn't think I was a geek?  I obviously did not understand the word); watched 34 episodes of Match Game 76! (I miss game shows: aside from Jeopardy, the ones on now aren't worth watching, and that makes me sad); and cleaned out about 50% of my DVR - so I definitely accomplished something

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Displaced said...

The flu sucks - I've been battling here too in the Southern Hemisphere! The visiting nurse might try a mask as well as the antibacterial cleanser if she wants her patients to go on living!