Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Oh goodness (AKA here are some parenthesis that I think you'd find interesting)

So ~ how was your December?  Eventful, I'm sure.  Mine, as well. 

In lots of good ways (holidays, Grandmother getting discharged from rehab, lots of sleepovers, etc, etc) and lots of not so good ways (pretty much that exact same list, plus all of the illness-y issues myself and others were kind enough to contribute) as well.

I took a bit of an unscheduled break there, for a little bit, but only because... well I didn't have any brain cells, energy atoms, or unattended moments to spare.  (Did you know that your inbox will stop receiving e-mails after a certain number?  Or that Google Readers could - not literally - overflow?  Or that the entirety of the world wide web would continue without you?  Now you do!)  Not because I didn't have posts I planned to write (and composed on during my daily drives out to/back from the rehab), or because I needed a break after NaBloPoMo (quite the opposite, actually: I was pretty psyched to keep going), but just because there was none of me leftover to sit and type with, at least not at an appropriate time, anyways (as in, when I was near the computer).  So, unscheduled blog break, it is.

Yesterday was our first full day without any extra people (people I love dearly, but now it is so! quiet!) in the house since Christmas, and I spent it at Grandmothers, trying to make sure she had what she needed (a little dose of "sanity", and a sponge bath care of Mum) and chatting about relatives I never knew, some apparent candidates for sainthood and others surely roasting in the fires of (imaginary) hell.  I am still trying to decide if it would be better if I packed up & moved in over there for a little bit, but it's an impossibly difficult decision for a million (totally overwhelming to only me) reasons, and I'm just doing the best I can to be in both places (often at once) for now... that might have to change soon, I don't know.  And today I was back over there to monitor her PT while my uncle drove SisterK to the airport to head back to Iowa, plus my mom had to have a liver biopsy (as follow up to her stint in the hospital), and then I came home just in time to be scolded by no less than 4 people (for completely ridiculous/arbitrary/WTF-ish reasons), and it's been a wonderful sort of day.

In other words, things are SNAFU( Situation Normal, All Fucked Up) here in NTE-land.

BUT: I am going to start eeking out some writing time, because I'm doing that 'my brain is a ticking time bomb' thing again, and that's not good for anybody.  (ANYBODY)  In the meantime, Happy New Year, everybody... have we decided yet if we're hoping for the Global Thermonuclear Zombiepocalypse this year, or not?  Cuz I'm still kind of on the fence. (Ok, not really.  But I might be, if I have to watch any more Republican debates/caucus/still in existence crap.) 

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