Monday, April 01, 2013

Not an April Fool's Joke

Can we talk?  I know we can: it's why I haven't shuttered this whole place down, even though it has been awfully ghost town-ish lately.  As usual, the less I am saying here, the more cluttered up my thinking becomes, the harder it gets to say anything at all, the more thoughts bounce around in my brain, and the vicious cycle continues.  There's a lot I'm not saying to anybody - not even to myself - lately, and that's got to stop. So I'm going to plug back in here, see if sweeping some of this stuff out into the open doesn't help me free up some space in my skull for quiet and peacefulness.  It's a hope, anyways.

First off, how was everybody's Easter?  Ours was good; no high drama or hysterics, just two kids with too much sugar and seven adults with not nearly enough - By the time all the grown-ups were looking to nap, the kids were plowing through their Easter baskets out of sheer boredom, and when we finally corralled enough people into playing a game, it was a sloppy, silly mess.  It's a good thing Catchphrase doesn't require a lot of firing brain cells or strict compliance. 

Speaking of compliance: I have to get a handle on my low-carb diet, which, since September, has taken a real beating.  All the weight I lost last summer has meandered back on, which I'm not as happy about as I was about it meandering off.  But more importantly, my liver and diabetes numbers are in trouble again and need refixing.  Self-care, NTE: you need to practice it.  So, I'm off for breakfast (which I find hard to do low-carb, since I don't eat eggs), and I'll be back before you know it. 

Ok; good start.  Random & short, just like always :)  Talk to you soon!

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Sue Jackson said...

So sorry I haven't been around much - just drowning in too much stuff to keep up on and blogs (even my own) are getting less attention than they deserve. or should I can the blog thing for a while? I know something has to go, but I don't want to give anything up!

Anyway, nice to see you here and I think you have the right idea - it really does help to have some place to "talk" and process all the stuff we are dealing with.

Glad you had a nice Easter!


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