Monday, February 13, 2006

Dear Best Friend

I can not buy you a birthday present.

Or, rather, I can not FIND you a birthday present.

I have now spend 6 hours wandering through the following sites:

"unique gift ideas"
"What to buy your best friend"
"Gifts for her"

and about a million similar sites. Seriously.

I have found many many interesting things:

The best thing about this Survival Kit? That it includes chocolate.

This is right up your alley: January Cards. However, it is February.

Is it sad that I really considered buying the Electric Company DVD's for you?

I'd buy you this Goddess Bowl, but I don't know what kind of dishes you have anymore.

I've looked at books --> but I bought you books for Christmas.

I looked at clothes ---> but I know you still want to lose the baby weight, so I have no idea what size I'd buy.

I looked at movies ---> but even though we have the same taste, I don't know what you've seen, what you own.

I looked at pampering, spa-ish stuff ---> but we both know that I don't have any clue about that kind of stuff.

Basically, I'm thinking I might get you a popcorn bowl, since sharing a bag of popcorn with you is one of the treasures of our times together, but that sounds like a very sad present.

I don't know. I suppose I'll keep looking.

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