Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Did ya ever notice cupid rhymes with stupid?

Ok, so I thought, since this is my 27th consecutive single Valentine's Day, that I would totally be anti-Valentine's Day today.

I thought I post some grinchy- Valentine's equivalent of "Bah Humbug"-ish rant about how Valentine's Day sucks & is really a conspiracy thought up by Hallmark to make single people feel like second class citizens.

Really, I had this whole thing thought out.

But then?

Sister #2, who is not the most demonstrative person ever, left a little baggie in front of my door this morning. With chocolate, and a card, and two pocket angels (strength and faith), and a beautiful statue of two ballerinas. The pocket angels were incredibly thoughtful, and let me to believe that she actually might notice some of the troubles I am going through, although she's never shown this to be so. And the ballerina statue almost made me cry, because it's been years since anybody thought of me that way, even though, in my heart I'm still a dancer. It was unbearably sweet.

And I've been listening to the amazing Michael Buble Check out #5
That song...Home? It makes me long for things. It isn't that I didn't know that was what I was missing: it just makes it so clear what I'm looking for and haven't yet found. Someone who makes me feel like that. (And if it just happens to be Michael himself, I would really have no qualms about that. No, I don't know if he's married or attached, or whatever. And I don't want to know: it's Valentine's Day, and a girl can dream.)

And the blogosphere is filled with people I've never actually met, and yet somehow still care about. And this I didn't expect. I didn't expect to care so much:

about the weather in North Washington

about Busy Mom's Mum

about a beautiful baby with a wonderfuly sarcastic mom

about at least 30 other sites I've got to put in my blogroll (Although, did ya notice...? I've finally got something up there!)

And there's the fact that people are reading this (Hello readers! I know you are there, even ever so briefly!) and that they might be caring about me & my life too.

And later?

My Youngest Nephew (age 5) will come bustling throught the door, heavy with character valentines (the kind that come in a package of 30, with teacher valentine included) and candy hearts. He'll be hopped up on sugar, b/c Valentine's Day is not a religous holiday (anymore,anyways), and therefore the teachers can - and usually do -- make a big deal out of it. There will be cupcakes, at the very least. And he'll be rambling on and on about how they had a special Valentine's themed gym class, and OH! because of the snow day yesterday, it's also their 100th day of Kindergarten. (Which, any self-respecting Kindergarten teacher will tell you, is a big deal).

So, really, what do I care if I'm still single? I'm not alone. And, for today, at least, I'm not lonely.

So: Happy Valentine's Day internet!

(P.S. I cannot get blogger to load ANY pictures (or put my type in color, like I told it to), so if you want some yummy Valentine pictures head over here:

Jelly Hearts)

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