Thursday, May 31, 2007

Things I really wish I would never have to hear any doctor, ever, say again:

"Wow, that's impressive."
"I've been a doctor for X-number of years, and that's definitely the worst I've ever seen."

Neither of these things are particularly helpful &/or reassuring.

But it this case, it's just my mutant tonsils acting out again: the left one managing to balloon up to three times its normal size and meet the right one over on its side, past my uvula (aka 'the hanging throat ball,' which is what my sister decided to call it. In public).

Which, as you can imagine, led to some breathing difficulties. And swallowing difficulties. And, you know, talking difficulties.

And after a quick call to the doctor, and a trip to the Acute Care, I got myself plugged into an IV, onto some steriods, fluids, & mega-antibiotics & now (finally) I'm home again, home again, jiggity jog.

And feeling much better. Breathing on my own & swallowing things like soup - with a mushy cracker, thank you very much - and ice cream. And my left tonsil has finally decided that it sort of likes its original position, and is heading home to claim it. They're pretty sure it was just the strep (which I get, like my sinus infections, with stunning regularity), but have no idea why my tonsil(s) decided to revolt so badly this time. Also, they yelled at me for not coming in on Monday, when it first migrated, and instead waiting till I knew my doc would be there on Tuesday.

Ok, it might have been a little tiny bit dumb, but I was still breathing and all! I just don't like to have to explain how ... well... everysinglething about my medical history. Especially when I couldn't really talk! Besides, Zack had me in there within the hour, and hooked up less than 20 minutes after he saw me.

So, it's all good.

And it better get better, because I plan on actually LEAVING the house on Saturday, for a drive up to Maine for my cousin's baby shower. They told me, contagious-ness wise, I'd be OK; but the steriods (as we've talked about before) really screw with the FM, and I am not enjoying that particular side effect. It's only an overnight trip (in a hotel!), but honestly - I need this.

I have not left my house (except for emergency evacuations to my Grandmother's house,) overnight in at least 3 years.

And the last time I took so much as a long weekend, it was for this same cousin's wedding, in Maine, 5 years ago.
5 years ago; two nights, three days. That is sad and pathetic.

I'd love a vacation, but unfortunately, all of my problems just come with me (and screw things up there too!) Plus, my family is coming, and it's just overnight, but I DON'T CARE.

Because this weekend, I am going to a baby shower. Because this baby has been quite a few years (and lots of issues) in the making. Because I love this cousin so much. And because y'all know there's nothing I like better than babies.

So I'm going... mutant tonsil or no.

(Stamps feet and walks (well, rolls) away.)


JaniceNW said...

LOVE YOU! Go read my blog today at I would appreciate what you think of what I wrote.

Thanks! HUGS!

JaniceNW said...

Have a super-terrific, fantastic, excellent, fun, joyful, life-affirming time at your cousin's baby shower and in a me a hotel is the ultimate luxury.

You MUST kiss and nibble on all young babies in my name. I wish I was with you this weekend instead of here.

CELEBRATE everything...!!!

Karly said...

I'm so glad you commented on my post today. Why? Because I wouldn't have found your blog otherwise and I HEART YOU. :) You crack me up.

Never That Easy said...

Janice - You know I will be nibbling, although Only Niece is pretty much the only baby, so far as I know. And your blog was smashing, as usual.

Karly - Thanks so much! It's always great to be able to make somebody laugh... even if it is because of mutant tonsils.