Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm definitely not GIDDY,

but today's Thursday Theme is. So I searched through some of my photo archives, and came up with some pictures of giddiness. Here's the one that made me smile the most.

It's Youngest Nephew, his mum (Soon-to-be SIL), SisterCh & our Mum, New Years 2005...

They've just finished a puzzle. Seriously, who can get that excited about a puzzle? I do not like puzzles. At all... it's a huuuge waste of time to me. To each his own, I guess.. and seeing as how it was Mum's birthday - and puzzles are in her list of favorite things to do, it was nice that she found some people to play with her.


Stacy said...

What a great picture of their giddyness! :)

I hear you on the puzzle front. I am not a big fan of them, but the kids love to "play" the games. They are a bunch of cheaters though! ;-)

I know you can hear me... said...

What's not to be giddy about on New Year's Eve?!

Great shot for this week's theme!

Be Inspired Always said...

Great shot. I'm new to your blog.

I followed I know you can hear me.... :)


seahorse said...

Puzzles, no I don't understand either. But clearly they are capable of bringing joy to many. So they are worth having around for those who love them :-)

Dawn said...

i like puzzles. but what to do with them after that effort??

i like this picture for the theme of giddy.