Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ta Da!

So, there's still a bit of tweaking to be done, but I've got a new look here! And I did it myself! And it took for-freakin-ever! But it's up!


It's a good illustration of the word I've chosen as my keyword for this year: Closer.

As in, "It's not perfect, but it's closer to what I wanted."

I thought long and hard about what I wanted out of this year, and once I threw out all of the 'miracle cure' and 'totally happy and healthy' pie in the sky things that I have no chance of making happen (although, should they perchance occur, I would have no qualms about accepting them into my life gratefully and graciously), I finally decided that all I want is to be closer to some of my goals by the time 2009 rolls around.

I don't have to be in perfect health, but are there things I can do to help me get closer to healthy? Sure. So why not do them? What am I waiting for?

Same goes for my weight: I am not going to lose 60lbs. while I'm on the meds I am on: it ain't never going to happen. But can I get closer to where I'd like to be? Absolutely I can, and there's no reason not to take those steps.

The key to this year for me, is going to be -

1) Doing what I can, in whatever the situation is


2) Being ok with what I can do. Accepting that I am doing what I can, that I have limits.

Like with this website: Rather than continue with the old design while I obsess about every little aspect of this one, why not put it up? Is somebody else going to think "Oh, well, I think that this color here is about 3 shades off, why'd she do that?" I doubt it. (Although, if there's anything really screwed up, or not showing up that was here before, I would appreciate it if you'd drop me a note. Also: Are there any AdSense users out there who'd like to share their experiences? Thanks!) So instead of driving myself crazy over what isn't done, I'm giving myself credit for what I did do: Designed a simple header! And a footer! (And, hello, was surprised at how easy it is - Photoshop! -, and will now be working on ones I like even better.) And figured out where to find all the numbers for these colors! And so on. Did I know how to do any of those things this time last year? No, I did not.

Showing myself how much closer I am getting to getting the hang of this blog thing - and to giving myself credit for things. Yay!

So, here are a few of the things I would like to make progress towards over the course of this year:

Closer to healthy

Closer to independent

Closer to employable

Closer to being a good photographer; to understanding what the heck an F-Stop is (even though I thought I got it, I don't); to being able to fix some of the things on the camera while I'm taking the shot, so I don't have to fix them in Photoshop; to someday getting a good SLR camera

Closer to happy

Closer to being a more knowledgable blogger, a more reliable poster; a better blog-friend & commenter

Closer to knowing what I'm really capable of

Closer to certain members of my family (and not closer to others)

Closer to understanding - and being able to do something about the way I react to - the behaviors of the people around me (a certain almost 2 year old and a certain 84 year old are at the top of this list, today)

Closer to knowing what's wrong healthwise, and how to fix it; to eating better and reaching a healthier weight; to capable of withstanding every.single.germ that travels within 500 yards of me.

Closer to kind; to gracious; to giving without expecting a return

Closer to free

Some of these are very broad; others much more specific. Even for the broader ones, I have an idea of where I want to go, and the next step or two on my way to get there. And I really don't think that's too much to expect from myself: to amble along the roads I want to amble down, no matter how slowly I have to go.

Happy 2008, friends: May we all be happier, healthier, and have the strength we need this year.

Love, NTE


Kimberly Flynn said...

What an absolutely wonderful blog! You are so right! Why give up completely because we can't be perfect when we can be so much -closer- and that much healthier, etc. for it. Kudos!
Your blog looks great! Like you, about a year ago, maybe a 1.5 yrs...I was pretty clueless. I know a bit about AdSense. The basics. Drop me a message on Cafe Chronique with what your question is if you still need advice.
Again, great blog!!
Kimberly Flynn
Chronique Couture

lilwatchergirl said...

Now that's a keyword I really like :)

I'm still trying to choose one. And make a resolution or two - they'll all be positive - I'm thinking more 'take up yoga' than 'give up drinking', since I just can't do 'don'ts'... :D

Never That Easy said...

See? One of those kinks would be not making the text color and the background color of the comments exactly the same. You know, so people can read them?


Kimberly - Welcome to NTE! I am having a blast meeting new people over at Care Chronique... it's suck a great idea! I'll definitely ask you a couple of questions about Adsense.

LilWatcherGirl - Oh, please: Don'ts are nearly impossible to stick to. Just somebody saying "don't" makes you want to do it out of perversion. Best of luck with your Dos!

Jo said...

I love reading your blog and I think the new look is great. Except for the header I design my blogs too and obsess over ever little detail so I understand what you mean. Good for you for saying to hell with it and putting it up. It's great.

I like "closer". You always have such great ideas for us chronic babes and I appreciate you so much. Closer is good.

Anonymous said...

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