Sunday, February 24, 2008

Last week

I had to pick up some prescriptions, and went on the search for the least smelly dandruff shampoo I could find. (My scalp is out of control, people. But I can't use those tar things they used to tell me to use, because of the smells... it's a pickle.)

Anyways... I came across this:

Yes, that's right: anti-sponge shampoo. I honestly could not figure out what they heck they were talking about, and since the back of the bottle was in spanish, I was left totally confused.

The website says it's to combat hair that 'absorbs water and magnifies in size'... So... poofy? Poofy hair is what we're working against here? Except they also have an Anti Poof shampoo, so it must be different somehow. And they also have a volumizing shampoo. So there's sponges, bad poof and good poof.

No wonder I don't get this kind of stuff...

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JaniceNW said...

I cannot remember the last time I had sponges in my hair and I've never had the honor of meeting Sponge bob. Heh.

My hair, however, used to absorb water and took hours and hours to dry.