Monday, February 16, 2009

Brotherly love

I've been falling way behind with my pictures, mostly because I'm kind of an editing perfectionist and wind up running some of my favorites through 14,000 steps before I declare it finished, and so I've got months worth of pictures to finish editing, upload to some place and order. (Also, with the packing et al, I keep thinking "Don't order anything new, because then you're going to have to find a place to put it if you don't finish it." Ah, the joys of not being settled.)

So, I wound up with more than a couple of contenders for this week's My Best Shot Monday, which has a new home, because the fabulous Tracey has a new blog.

I did finally settle on this one, though, of Big/Only Brother and his Lil Girl:

Happy President's Day, everybody, and if your kids are on vacation this week, may it be as peaceful a vacation as possible. :D


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye said...

What a sweet photo. I can feel the love! :)

Killlashandra said...

What an adorable image. It so says love to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Takes my breath... how lovely.

YoYo said...

He looks so sweet and cuddly. Why can't he always be this way.

iMother2.0 said...

ohhh how lovely. what a perfect moment.