Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh, boy, I don't know

I'm trying to figure out the right thing to do in a couple of different circumstances, and have come down with a bad case of the "well... maybes".

I do not like the "well ... maybes": being indecisive sucks. I hate it when other people can't make up their minds and commit to a freaking plan already, and I hate it even more when I'm the one holding up the works. Usually, like in these situations now, the hold up is a health issue... I just don't know whether or not I will be able to - or should - participate.

Scenario #1 is relatively nothing - tomorrow a bunch of my family members are going to check out the possible house, to make sure that there's nothing readily and obviously wrong with it that will take big bucks (bucks we don't have) to fix it. I'm supposed to go, but I'm on the fence: Do I put my energy here, when it's all still so hypothetical? My parents visited last weekend, and now they're calling for submissions, basically: "Help us make sure this place is OK." Which, ordinarily - fine: bring whomever you want, sounds great.... the more eyes the better. And I'd like my eyes to be involved... it's just that there are two steps up to get in (which, obviously, we'd address if we bought it), and then there's all the questions - odors, pets, etc. And to I absolutely need to go? And maybe I'm just being overly sensitive because of Scenario #2 ...

Scenario #2 is much more important. My cousin Kate is having a baby shower, at her parents house, in March. We got our invitations this week, and I asked her big brother about the accessibility of the house (since I've never been): he says there's steps, but that he talked to his dad and he's going to see about a ramp for the few steps in the front of the house. OK, that's not making me wicked comfortable, but it all may be moot because there's also a cat. A cat. Ordinarily? A cat automatically equals, 'I'm sorry, but I can't come," but the cat is a basement cat, and lives not where the people live, mostly. So now I'm stuck wondering - risk it or not?

I love my cousin, I'm wicked excited about her baby, and I hate to miss a family party, so those are all on the "Give it a try" side, but on the other hand, we've got the possibility of an unstable ramp (or having to be lifted, which NO Thank You), the fact that there's an animal in the vicinity, and the fact that the house is a good 50 minutes away, so there's no escape plan, really: If we get there and I can't stay in the house, I've got to either stay in the car while the party is happening (which, if you can believe it, would totally not be the first time that happened), or make somebody leave to take me home (if it gets really bad).

Pros, cons, and WTFs leave NTE pretty deep in the "well ... maybes".

The more I think about it, the more I both want to go and pretty much know that I shouldn't - between odors and my breathing (which has been pretty sucky since Christmas, as my tonsils are still as big as a baby's fist), and the pain of sitting in the car, sitting at the party, then sitting in the car again... It would all be a lot, just under normal circumstances. If I'm adding in potential pet hair and crickety stairs, then the scale tips pretty far over to the no-go side.

But then I think about being able to pat my cousin's (apparently large) tummy, the fact that her mother is kind of a source of scandal in the family (haven't seen her in... at least 10 years, and now she's HOSTING? C'mon, man.), and the fact that most of the people I love will be there (some coming from pretty far away), and it tilts the scale back a bit again.

Need versus should, I guess. Optimism vs realism, vs. pessimism. I hate to let people down, and I hate to be left out, but I can't really see a way to make Scenario #2 work in my favor.

Grr... I had kinda hoped that writing it all out like this would make other pros pop into my head, but I'm running out. Crap.

And then, of course, if I can't go, I've got to explain that I can't go, after my cousin has already talked to his dad about the ramp and all that, and that makes me feel bad too.


Must switch brain to new topic or risk explosion.

.... I put a new widget on the sidebar, so you can see all the things I'm finding interesting in my Google Reader: also, it's reminding me that it's probably time to fix the template so that it's not quite so Christmassy.

And, in other news, I bought some scratch tickets and won hundred thousand dollars. Actually, I bought some scratch tickets and haven't scratched them off yet, but I was just trying out that positive thinking thing my CBT therapist has been talking to me about. :D Update: I have won $4... I don't think I'm quite getting the hang of this.

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