Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bring on the new month

Ok, so June - as far as this blog goes - was pretty much filled with suck. I tried a lot, but accomplished very little. (Very little meaning things like, oh, still having your freaking CHRISTMAS banner up the top there, with it's little snowflakes and such. It is such a good thing I do not have my own house - I would be the annoying neighbors who never take down their twinkle lights.)

We all know the reasons - feeling like shit, still being at my grandmother's house, a full 2 months after everyone else has moved into the house that I'm actually supposed to be living at (I do not say 'my' house, because it in noway feels like 'my' house), just general chaos and craziness and blah feeling - so I'm not going to go over them again right now, but I kind of just decided that I'm going to attempt another NaBloPoMo type thing, and try to post something everysingleday for the month of July.

The reasons being that I tend to feel less like crap if I've taken the time out of my day to say something to y'all - even if that something is just a quick "Hey: feeling like crap, so no real post today" type of post. Plus I've got a backlog of pictures and good quotes, and random things from around the webiverse, so I can always post some of those... it's about taking the time, I think.

So, there it is, in blue and white (are my words still blue? Holy jebus I need to get crackin on a new template.): come back tomorrow for something new.

Even if it's just a hello.

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