Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Best Shot

Here's Lil Girl & Sister K practicing on the piano.

If there is a 3 year old in your life who has access to a piano, then you know that practicing actually means "making as much noise as humanly possible," and so you can appreciate the patience of SisterK appropriately.

Happy Monday, all. Now head on over and check out some more Best Shots.


HipMomma said...

It's soooo much more enjoyable when the piano is at Grandma's! The girls can enjoy it all they want there. ;-) So sweet that sister is letting her get some play time in too.

heather said...

love that shot---has such an old-fashioned look to it. We only have a small keyboard, but my kids love to play too!

Amy Jo said...

My kids had their first exposure to a real piano this past weekend and they went nuts! I'm hoping to get one soon and start lessons for my 3 year old. What a great shot! Thanks for the musical inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I immediately thought there was something vintage about this shot too! I'm sure it'll be treasured!