Saturday, March 26, 2011


There is a wall between me,

and Everyone Else.

And I don't know how to climb

And I'm not even sure
I want to. (I want to)

But the wall just stays there, and sometimes I poke
at it, or
peel it back a bit.

And other times I ram it
as hard as I can with
the strongest object I can find.

without fail, I build it back up again, sometimes
with my eyes

I am goddamn sick of this wall, I tell you.

And I think
I need better
battering rams.


Stephanie said...

A good poem. A frustrating feeling.

(Can't decide if the awkward line breaks help or hurt it, but some of them do feel awkward.)

Never That Easy said...

Thanks Stephanie. I'm pretty sure I wanted it to feel awkward, like starting and stopping and stumbling. Because that's the feeling of having that wall there. But if it's too weird, I might have to look at it again. Thanks for the input, though, and for stopping by!

Sue Jackson said...

I didn't know you wrote poetry.

This is really powerful...I could relate to it.