Monday, April 04, 2011

Cursed wombats are so loud!

Well, I took my pain pills at noon, and now it's about 4:30, and they're just kicking in. That's the short explanation of why I got almost nothing accomplished today. (I did manage to run out this morning for a blood test I needed to get done, so that's not absolutely nothing, it's just almost nothing.) All of the phone calls and errands and what have you will be postponed until another day, because I am not feeling my best. Now would probably also be an appropriate time for us to discuss why pain medications are so useless for my chronic pain condition, but since none of us (as far as I know) are chemistry geniuses, we'll just put that aside for now*.

Instead I've brought you some random internet interestingness, in case you wanted to know where my mind has been wandering lately.

First up, this Cracked article about "Seven basic things you won't believe you are doing wrong," which is not only curious, but quite informative. I was originally led there while digging up more info on deep breathing, but the other six (particularly that part about sleeping in segments) were intriguing enough that I thought I'd pass them along to y'all.

I've also found a ton of stuff in/through Pinterest, which, if you are not on there and do not have copious amounts of time to be sucked into gorgeousness, probably you should continue to maintain your distance. I'd link you to my pinterest account, but it has my real name, because I had to sign up through Facebook, originally and then FB friends starting following me, so I couldn't very well un-connect them. But here's one of my favorites from there, anyway: A lovely book nook:

Go here for some grammar nerdiness.

Wishing I were in New York for this weekend's Philharmonic performance of Company, with the most amazing cast.

And lastly, the blasted wombats (via Damn You Autocorrect)

PS - If you are a chemistry genius, could you please get started on creating something that works for my chronic pain condition? I'd appreciate it; K Thnx Bye!)

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Sue Jackson said...

I LOVE the Book Nook!! How cool is that - I want one.

And I love the wombat thing. Autocorrect is sometimes hilarious.

Hope the pain is better tomorrow :)