Monday, July 17, 2006

Do you ever have that thing...

Am I the Only One #3 (I think)

Am I the Only One who gets this "corner of the eye" thing? Where, no matter what you are doing, the entire day, you keep glimpsing things out of the corner of your eye? And there's nothing there... It's just some weird shadowy thing going on and it keeps freaking you out?

AITOO? I probably am.

Something else that I'm pretty sure is just my own unique brand of weirdness ---?

Exhausted fidgety. That's my mood right now. I want nothing more then to just close my eyes and sllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. But I'm having this weird wired kind of feeling too. It's like if I go to sleep, I don't know... I'm missing out on something (um.. Yeah. That's likely: I'm totally missing out on..... The mice crawling around somewhere in the house, or the absolute darkness that my room would be if I shut the computer off.) I can't explain this feeling very well (obviously): It's a CFIDS thing, I think... My body doesn't have the energy to do anything, but my brain is buzzing. As if sleep wasn't hard enough (Pass me another Neruontin, will ya?)

Alright... enough blathering for now.

Be back soon!


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