Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sign, Signs, Everywhere a sign


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Everywhere, that is, except in my pictures.

This week's theme turned out to be harder than I expected, mainly b/c my scanner decided to scan everything in black and white. Yipee.

So here's this week's picture (which looks cooler in color, but what are you gonna do?)

I took it during a freak very late winter (read March or April) blizzard here a few years back.

I though it was funny: the signs read Spring and Summer Streets, and we were supposed to be well into spring and on our way to summer, and instead had a foot or two of snow. The original is nice, in that, the blue of the signs is the only color. (I tried to fix it in paint, but, please, people... Paint? Is useless. BTW - I'd appreciate any tips on a good photo editing program to try: I had a trial of Photoshop, which I loved, but it is wicked expensive. Anything you guys use, and love, and doesn't cost as much as a good winter jacket?)

Just to show you how much snow we got in that one day, here's another picture from the same storm.

Happy week everybody!


Reverberate58 said...

Brrrr, great shot. Comical to see streets name Summer and Spring in a snow storm! Very neat! I use an older version of Paint Shop Pro and you can usually pick them up cheap!

My signs are up! Hope you have a super Saturday!

Teena said...

Makes me glad that summer is here!

Mine's up :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

I think it's a great shot. The fact that the street signs say Spring and Summer and it's kind of hard to read with the snow adds to the effect! Good job! Ya I'm glad it's summer too. Better get outside and enjoy it! Laters...

Mitey Mite said...

Great shot of great irony. Hope it melted quick!

My sign is up.

Pam said...

Good idea. I hate it when technology doesn't cooperate. I bought Photoshop for 69 bucks. It was a download and later I figured out it was a pirated copy. :0[

Mine's up.

Expat Traveler said...

wow interesting storm. I guess there were many this year. Mines up too.

Karen said...

Like Reverberate I use Paint Shop Pro (under $200 to buy brand new). Another well-priced program for basic photo editing is Picasa 2. It's a FREE download!

Why is your scanner doing black and white now? Did you check the settings in the software you use? I hope you are able to figure out a fix.

Oh, I played SPH too.

Anonymous said...

That is a really cool shot. heh. :) I played too. :)

Yoshi said...

That is a great shot. and a lot of snow. Wow!

Paint Shop Pro is definitely the Photoshop alternative. I don't know why adobe has to sell their stuff for so much anyways. :/

Michael said...

I agree, that is a funny shot!

Maribeth said...

Great pictures. I love your signs!

onfoyou said...

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