Thursday, July 27, 2006

Seriously, as if I needed yet another time-eating, highly addictive, online activity:

Have you people discovered the wonder that is YouTube? I mean, honestly.

You can find ANYTHING.

They've got the PSA's and commercials from when I was a kid

One to grow on

R2- you're on Fire!

Beetlejuice Intro

Cartoons I'd forgotten

Candy they don't make anymore But they should!

This annoying kid who I saw about a million times (and was totally jealous of... a computer AND a set of encyclopedias... no fair!)

A double dutch routine that my friends taught me and we used to sing in the schoolyard.

I totally had a thing for Darkwing Duck: "Let's get dangerous..."

Not to mention some Animaniacs (now available on DVD, people... rush out to buy!) or Nose Marie (from the pound puppies cartoon). The GetAlong Gang, or some Gargamel, perhaps? Pick your poison!

So, now you know, all about YouTube and the joy it can bring (and the hours it can waste!)

And, if you were any sort of an 80's kid at all, you know that

Knowing is half the battle!

(Go... waste some time... It's Friday!)

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