Friday, July 14, 2006


I have been a piss-poor blogger this week. Suffice it to say, germs are not my friends.

However, today I am feeling a little more human, a little less sludge, so I do have some random thoughts I can share with you all:

First off, VH-1, in all it's Pop-culture, Clipshow goodness, is offering two fantastic opportunities to waste time: I love the 70s Volume 2 and The World Series of Pop Culture . Now, I love the 70s/80s/90s/60s as much as any other memorabilia obsessed, nostalgia happy freak, so I'm very glad for yet another helping of the decade in which I was alive for only 6 months, and yet still know way too much about. But this new show, this trivia World Series? I think VH-1 needs to seriously revamp it's audition process. Because many many many of the contestants should have been weeded out during earlier rounds. But I do love a game where I know every answer. (Except the stupid rap ones: I would need a teammate just for the rap ones.) Ah, Clip-show nirvana and a game show I can watch while in the midst of a fever high... VH-1, you are rocking this week. (P.S. does VH-1 actually play music anymore? Or is it like MTV, where there are no more music videos, only Laguna Beach and Road Rules?)

Next, I'd just like to mention that getting a family portrait taken, which seems like a good idea in the abstract, is NOT.



And also - SearsPortraitStudio? You may have totally duped me into paying your INSANEly high prices just this once, but now that I know you will put my pictures online? Never, ever again. (If I ever lose the rest of my marbles and decide to try this again, that is. Perhaps, when we're all grown. Oh crap, that's what this time was supposed to be.)

I think that's my random contribution to the blogosphere for today: Hope your weekend looks happy!

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