Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some valuable sharing

Finally slogging my way through my Bloglines account, I've stumbled across some things I think should be shared. So, here we go...

I'm a new reader over at Pretty, Fizzy Paradise, but Kalinara's (almost month old, so I'm a bit late to the party, unfortunately) post "All women are me, damnit!!" is amazing. Here's just a tiny piece of her brilliance:

You know what's worse though? Random people will walk right up to you and think they have the right to talk about this stuff to your face! "Oh honey, you'd be so pretty with a little make-up." "Is your hair real?" "Lose some weight, you fat bitch!" When you're a woman, people think they can just say this. And if you get mad, you're the irrational one. "Sheesh, what's her problem?"

I cannot stress enough how great this post is... go over and check it out, please!

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