Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MBS -- Tuesday?

Just because I really, really, really need some cheering up, let's see what the first Christmas picture to come up in my slideshow shuffle is... no matter what, I'll post that one.

ooh... it's a good one.

This is Older/Only Brother, Christmas Eve 1988, lighting the candles on the altar. This is one of his signature poses, the over the shoulder glance... For his scrapbook this year, I've got a page just of him doing it. (I'll try to take a picture today, but one of the reasons I need the aforementioned cheering up is that my stupid printer is not working. At all: it takes a piece of paper, immediately tilts it, then proceeds to tell me there's a paper jam. You think?? It's cuz you're eating it crooked! :Sigh:) Anyways, he was an altar boy for a number of years. Back before our Catholic churches allowed 'altar servers,' and there weren't that many boys in our neighborhood. Between that, and the fact that we live directly across the street from the church, he served at a lot of masses, got the pick of assignments. This is right before the children's Christmas Eve Mass, 1988, he's 12, I was 9 and in the pagaent as... probably a non-speaking angel that year.

He's a cutie, and I gotta say that Lil Girl and her big brother do have so many of his mannerisms, it's kind of amazing.

Alright, that kinda worked... I'm going to go curse at electrical equipment in my room. And hopefully take a shower, cuz we've got Lil Girl tomorrow, and I know it ain't gonna happen then.

Off I go...

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Maya's Granny said...

That's a wonderful shot of Older Brother.