Monday, December 17, 2007

MBSM: A Christmas Past.

Wandering around and seeing all the My Best Shot Mondays is a real treat for me, and pulled me (at least partially) out of my funk today. So I'll share a MBSM with all of you, of a happier Christmas..

Here's me, Older/Only Brother, & Oldest Sister/SisterS, Christmas 1984:

We're laughing at something crazy SisterJ (then almost 2) was doing, but I can't remember what it was. This was the year of the fake Cabbage Patch Kids - the kind with little bumps on the sides of their noses that looked like warts. The kind that you bought in pieces - heads, arms, legs, and trunk, and then assembled yourself. Trust me when I say that finding your grandmother's stash of doll heads by accident one year is plenty freaky, no matter how old you are.

Hey, this is pretty fun: I think, due to the cheering up aspect of this whole thing, I will try to do another one tomorrow ---> there's certainly plenty to choose from. Maybe I can find the one where my Dad is ready to punch out Santa, or Santa on crack, or find a year with authentic Cabbage Patch Kids... I know they're all here.


Phyllis Sommer said...

what a great memory.

Golightly said...

I love those old shots of my childhood Christmas too, i want to see the dad punching Santa Claus (it isn't for kissing mommy under the mistletoe, is it!) How do you spell that plant?? :) What a day...