Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ok so here's the thing

I didn't mean to write this post about how much you all mean to me and then totally disappear. Things got a little heavier around here, and trying to hold up my end of things has been ridiculously difficult for me, so something had to give. I'm SOOOO behind in my bloglines, I'm afraid to check them. I have been following a few blogs who's htmls I could remember on my own, but it's mostly been quick check-ins, just to make sure everybody's doing ok.

Which is also what this is: Checking in here, with all of you, so you know that I am ok, and I know you are ok. Well, ok may be stretching it a big, but I'm definitely hanging in there. Flaring seems to be my constant state, just lately. Stress, infections, cold weather: sooo not helpful. Nor is trying to step-up & help out more...that is really one of the hardest things, wanting to help SO MUCH, and only being able to do this much.

Brief update on family situations: Tomorrow is Nana's radiation consultation, and we'll find out her radiation schedule. The other night she choked on her medication (she's supposed to take them one at a time, but forgot), and literally stopped breathing right in front of me. Thankfully I was not alone in the house with her, because I screamed for my mum while franitically trying to figure a way to heimlich her while sitting - I was trying to get her to bend over the back of a chair... but it was forutunately unnecessary, as she threw up the pill (and quite a bit more) just as I got her to stand. This damned cancer is in her throat, it is a rather large mass, and it is obviously getting in the way of important things. I will be so grateful when it is no longer there, and am cautiously reassured by what her doctors are saying as far as how treatable this is.

My aunt is improving slowly, but we'll take whatever we can get. She still weighs under 100 lbs (this is a guess, but I would say about 85lbs): She is 5'7", naturally slight, but this is majorly different. She's starting eating again, and they're weaning her off her feeding tube. So, that's good. She's not 100% back, mentally yet, but that doesn't mean that any damage is permanent. She's had some adverse reactions to drugs, so those could be contributing. Either way, it's nice to have her be able to hold short conversations, to know that she recognizes me again.

The PUS continue to terrorize us all, and I am so over them. I'm trying so hard to ignore their acts, but it is hard. I just spent two days on the couch (on the other side of the house) when Mrs. PUS decided to pour gasoline in the snowblower - right outside my room. Mr. PUS continues to campaign to get Nana to change her will, her medical proxy, her ... everything. And to maniupulate her into seeing him as the injured party - to the amazement & detriment of us all. Including his critically ill sister & mother (Auntie E, Nana), his chronically ill niece (um.. me), & his completely overburdened sister (Mum). It certainly shows that he's changed and deserves the 'benefit of the doubt,' does it not? It is beyond my understanding why Nana can not see how harmful he is, and continues to insist on inflicting him/his beliefs on all of us... even to the point where Auntie E's husband has almost banned her from her visiting Auntie E, if she's so determined to bring him up. The whole thing makes me want to throw up.

And this has turned out to be not as brief as I'd thought, and, as usual, I feel better for writing it down.

Now it's your turns: Everybody good? Anybody got good news? I could certainly use some. Let me know what I've missed, if you get a chance.

Love, Me


Maya's Granny said...

Things are mostly going well here. The weather is the most interesting thing happening, what with cold snaps followed by snain, and then who knows what.

Take good care of yourself, Sweetie, and know I care.

Never That Easy said...

Maya's Granny - I looove the term Snain. it is what we will be experiencing here in my part of the Baystate in about 14 hours or so, if the weathermen are correct (and they might be, since it started snowing about 1/2 an hour ago.) I do know you care, and I appreciate it a LOT. Thanks!