Saturday, March 15, 2008

Messin with your math since 2005!

Sometimes I wonder what people think I must when they check their feedreaders, and I've been on their site.

Because, if I find something I want to comment on, but can't immediately think of what I want to say (like on this post), then I shrink it down, and let it simmer for a while in my brain.

And, by a while, I mean... sometimes three days. I think that's the record, anyways.

There are lots of reasons I do this: If a post is out of control funny, or too emotional to read in one sitting. Or if it's so powerful that I want to sip it rather than gulp, I just keep maximizing and minimizing it until I'm ready to move on.

It happens a lot: The talent out there in the world o' blogs is immense, people. I'm very often humbled by the words I see on my screen.

But still... I must really screw up people's statistics. So I thought I'd just offer this explanation: I'm not exactly a stalker. Really. I just... need to process a bit.

Sorry about your graphs, but I think you'll understand.

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flutter said...

You're sweet to worry. I'm just glad you come to visit.