Monday, December 20, 2010

"Where are you Christmas... Do you Remember?"

Well I can't really leave that ridiculousness up, especially not at Christmas time. (Although I'm glad to that you all are outraged too.) So here, have a picture of Santa with some cute kids.

I took this picture immediately following one of our shortest lines to see Santa ever (about 10 minutes: it was like a miracle) and immediately preceding a trip to The Rainforest Cafe for lunch. Which we do almost ever year, because it's in the same mall as Santa and has all sorts of animitronics and what not 'to keep kids entertained' while we eat. If 'keeping kids entertained' means 'scaring them so badly that you have to take shifts out in the mall with a four year old so that everybody can eat their lunch' then Keep up the good work, Rainforest Cafe ! Simulated thunderstorms? Whose brainstorm was that? Giant gorillas that screech at you are so not lunchtime companions, thank you very much. We should have skipped lunch altogether, since Lil Girl was not feeling her best, but she was adamant that she was ok, and her brother and mother seemed to have it all worked out before they even got there. So we tried, and I got to spend a lot of time trying to look at fake fish and explaining that lightening wasn't actually going to come and get us inside the building.

Even with all of that (and having to pay highway robbery for the one sheet of pictures we bought, because they've outlawed just sitting on Santa's lap and using your own camera, unless you buy one of theirs), we had fun. I'm afraid it might be that boy's last visit to Santa - 10 seems awfully close to the Age of Not Believing even to this late bloomer - and so I tried to keep that in mind when I needed to keep my patience. We've been doing this since he was an infant, so it'll be tough when he tells me he's too big. I made sure to enjoy it this time - even the parts that made me wonder if it would be legal to just leave a kid in a candy store (It's a good place! She'd love it there!) just in case it was the last time it was all of us.

Just in case.

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