Saturday, November 12, 2011

Anything that is not doctor related is a plus, at this point.

Firefox is kind of getting on my nerves, because it is lagging behind for no good reason. I'm sure there's a good technical reason that opening certain pages - Words with Friends, Gmail, or for example - makes the whole damn thing freeze up, but I am not accepting those limitations: Come on Firefox, you can do it!  Because all of my family - the ones who won't come over and play a game in person unless you threaten to withhold their Christmas presents - is all of the sudden obsessed with playing fake-Scrabble, and I have to be able to (make up) play words like 'cwms' and blow everybody's mind. ("CWMS: Pronounced 'cooms'; welsh for cirque"), even though Scrabble, real or fake, is one of my least favorite board games ever. When it comes to word games, I'm more of a Boggle girl, myself - or Upwords, where you can fix other people's stupid mistakes (like stealing all the good bonus spaces).  But if we're playing a game, then I'm in.  So fix yourself, Firefox. 

In unrelated news, I did manage to leave the house for an hour today - to go somewhere that was neither MY doctor/hospital/ER/medical appointment or anybody else's doctor/hospital room/medical appointment.  This is notable because it is the first time since September 1st that I have managed such an outing.  So that's progress.  Considerably less progressive feeling is that my local Target was all decked out for Christmas, and I am still unsure that Halloween has actually passed.  Contributing to my seasonal denial is the unseasonably mild weather we're having here in Massachusetts - three days this week were over 60 degrees, and even though the nights are below freezing, it still might make it to 70 on Tuesday.  The words "70 degrees" and "Thanksgiving" are not compatible, in my estimation.  (The only Thanksgiving I remember it actually being warm like that was one of our holidays from hell, actually, so I'll pass, all the same:  Bring back the fall!)

I was going to say that running to Target is all I accomplished today, but considering how it good it felt, I'm going to exclude the "all" and call it a pretty good day, overall.

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